Tips for Insuring Your Trip during the Spring Break

Spring break is the time when college students spend time booze-soaked away from studies. For some students, insuring their spring break travels sounds more of an adult thing. However, nobody wants to come back home with a hefty medical bill. That’s why you should insure your spring break trip. Here are tips to help you get adequate insurance for your spring break travel. 

Select Your Travel Destination Carefully 

Some travel insurance policies exclude spring break trips to some places. It’s therefore important that you choose the destination for your spring break travel carefully. Places where the government has issued travel advisory for may not be covered by most travel insurance plans. 

Be Wary of Illegal Acts 

Most travel insurance policies exclude coverage when the person insured engages in illegal activities. As such, you will pay for the hospital bill for treatment of the injuries you sustain while engaging in illegal activities while traveling during the summer break. Therefore, be careful and avoid crime during your spring break trip. 

Check the Validity of Your Travel Medical Insurance 

Regardless of your travel destination, you will find medical care expensive. However, traveling outside where your travel medical insurance covers means you will pay higher rates. Your travel medical insurance will most likely be invalid in some places. That means you will pay for treatment with your credit card or cash. Therefore, inquire about the network of your insurance before you go on a spring break trip to ensure that you are covered. 

Know How Alcohol Affects Your Coverage 

Many young people consume alcohol when traveling during the spring break. Unfortunately, most travel insurance plans do not cover incidents that happen when the insured person is under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol. If you seek emergency treatment when drunk, your insurance plan may not cover the medical bill because you put yourself at risk willfully. What’s more, being drunk makes you an easy target for criminals. 

Basically, buy travel insurance that covers you when traveling to a specific destination during the spring break. Also consider the activities that you intend to engage in to ensure that you will be covered for the injuries that you may sustain while at your travel destination. 

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