Romantic Destinations in New York City for the Just-Married

If you are in love, the two of you can turn anything into a sweet romance. They are called sweet nothings. Discussing Homo Habilis, standing in the rain together, watching the heavy traffic, watching an airplane land or take off can all be romantic. But you have done all these, and now you long for a new experience. Again,  all these may not have given you the height of feeling New York City has to offer the lovebirds. The city provides a unique backdrop for your sweet, nonsensical talk and activities. Taking your New Marriage to New York will get the blood pumping into the right places.

New York City, right at the southern tip of the state of New York, was the first capital of the United States from 1789. It is the most populous in the United States, with about 20.3 million people

Try the following options for a new romantic experience:

2-Hour Day Sail to Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, a gift from France to the US in 1886, is an excellent view, especially for what it symbolizes. The two of you can take a Staten Island Ferry at sunset to enjoy the beautiful scenery about the harbor, Manhattan sky and finally the Statue of Liberty. Make sure you have with you jackets to keep warm. The trip is free only don’t tell anyone else. It’s a secret.

Central Park

The Central Park, stretching on over 800 acres in Uptown Manhattan, is the most romantic place in New York City. For the residents who find the confusion in the city unbearable, Central Park as the Oasis where rest, quiet and solace is guaranteed. You will find soft spots inside the park to enjoy a picnic with your just-married spouse. Once you have had your picnic, you and your beloved can take a private, relaxing carriage ride; a boat ride; skating; volleyball; or a visit to Belvedere Castle. There are beautiful fountains, a theatre where Shakespeare’s romance is staged, carousel and a zoo all of which will enrich your love experience.

Hudson River Park

With your just-married better-half, walking hand in hand along Hudson River Park could be the ultimate peak as far as romance goes. As far as solace goes, it offers an escape from the buzzing metropolis of New York City. You can also give your adrenaline reason to rush by trying rock climbing. You can also go bowling, rowing or study the historic vessels located at the site. What more can you want from life? There is much fun here than you deserve. Just when you thought it’s over, you realize there are apples to be picked by the two of you at the Hudson Valley. Apples! What more can you want from life, God? You gladly eat the apples as you move the apples from hand-to-mouth, you walk into a farm-to-table restaurant, where fresh farm produce is the thing, then into an outdoor art exhibit.

Helicopter Tour

It is not cheap, mind you, but for this special occasion, you and your loved one can go cloud seven or whichever cloud the lovebirds usually fly to, only this time it is lateral. While up in the clouds soaring the sky, take a bird’s view of the city’s landmarks, from the Statue of Liberty, United Nations headquarters, New York Harbour, Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island, the city’s skyscrapers like Woolworth Buildings to the down-to-earth Central Park.


With these timely tips, put down the old yoke and get into New York.

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