Activities for Toddlers on a Long Haul Flight

Children are generally playful and they will not stop just because you are on a trip together. Additionally, the temperature variations and being seated for several hours on long haul flights can easily make toddlers feel exhausted and bored. There are several activities for toddlers on long haul flights that can help with keeping your kids happy and occupied when travelling. Some of the best activities to consider for your toddlers include.

Wipe Off Cards

Wipe off cards are a great way to entertain kids who just started school while on flights. The cards come with pens and erasers so kids can re-use them over and over. Kids can draw, scribble or color the cards as they wish.

Travel Puzzles

Travel puzzles are also incredible for keeping your kids occupied and improving their brain functions. When buying travel puzzles, choose small sizes that will match the abilities of your kid. Since the pieces can be easily lost during travel, it is advisable to avoid those that are too expensive.

Water Painting

While this might seem like a messy activity to some parents, it is totally safe and can keep your kids happy in every flight. The water paints are contained in pens that the kids use to paint on paper. After the paper dries, the paints disappear and kids can start painting onto them again, making it quite economical.


Kids are usually fascinated by colors and carrying a coloring book when going on a trip can be a great way to ease the pressure of long haul flights for them. Most coloring books have multiple pages and crayons or colored pencils for the kids to use as they please when traveling.

Kids Tablet Games

In this age, kids tablet is an essential device for every child. One of its unique benefits is that it can store a wide range of games to entertain your kid throughout the trip. Besides, you can also easily download the games that you kid likes from the internet.

There are many other activities for toddlers that you can still add to the above list when on long haul flights. Nevertheless, choose activities that are interesting to your kids and also within their abilities.

5 Realistic Ways to Travel the World for Almost Free

If you ask most people why they do not travel often, they will tell you it’s because traveling is costly. For beginner travelers, even going on a first trip can be a challenge. However, traveling is not always as expensive as people think. With just a few tricks, you can experience the delights of the world for almost free.

Here are 5 realistic ways to travel the world without feeling a pinch:  

Get a Job Abroad

If the money you are making at your current job is not enough to support your trips around the world, try getting a job overseas. There are endless jobs abroad that can earn you good money while also allowing you to travel the world like hostel work, house sitting, driving, tour guide, cruise ship work among others.

Sign Up as an English Teacher Overseas

Unlike some of the jobs listed above that are often seasonal, many countries around the world are constantly in need of English teachers. In fact, in places like Asia, the employer will even pay for your flight. Thanks to technology, now you can even teach English virtually.

Work in the Travel Industry

Working in the US travel industry can also offer you opportunities to visit many destinations across the world for almost free. As a pilot, flight attendant, cabin crew, travel agent or a manager for a larger hotel, you can see the world at the expense of the company.

Fly for Free

There are a few ways you can get free flights to various parts of the world. One of them is signing up for travel credit cards. The more you use the cards, the more points and other bonuses you will be able to collect. These can be redeemed later for free flights.


World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a program whereby you can sign up to work on farms overseas in exchange for free accommodation. You will only need to get to the farm and, the operators will take care of all your expenses until the end of your stay.

While there are other ways to travel the world for almost free, the ones mentioned above are a sure bet that should be at the top of your list.


5 Useful Tips for Surviving Air Travel

Long flights are generally tiring and they can leave you with aching joints. Even with all the entertainment and other specials offered during long haul flights, Austin Simms over at Southwest Appliance Repair says it might not still be easy to evade the boredom and exhaustion. However, there are a few tricks that can help you ensure an enjoyable long flight. The following are 5 useful tips for surviving air travel.

Book Your Seat Early

If you will be spending more than ten hours on a flight, it is important to book a seat that you will feel more comfortable on. Window seats are great for capturing views and leaning whenever you feel tired of sitting upright. Aisle seats are ideal for easy access if you will need to move around the plane during travel. For better comfort during long haul flights, you may also want to book a seat that is not too close to the toilets.

Pack Your Own Devices

Airlines that operate over long distances usually have a variety of in-built entertainment options for passengers. But, you should also carry your own gadgets that can help you pass time much better. Pack a smartphone, tablet, laptop, e-reader or any other device to keep you busy during the flight.

Dress Comfortably

The temperatures in planes are varied so, wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. Besides, you should also carry layers to keep you warm in case it gets cold along the way. The shoes should not be too tight or heavy.

Carry Snacks and Drinking Water

Instead of waiting to eat and drink only during flight schedules, carry your own snacks and drinking water. This will keep the body energized and hydrated to avoid the exhaustion of long haul flights.  

Carry Sleep Assistants

Depending on what works for you, there are many sleep assistants that you can also carry while on a long haul flight. These include sleeping pills, travel pillows, blankets among others. Some flights offer sleep assistants like travel pillows and blankets but, others do not.  So, having your own sleep assistants can be more convenient.

There is no clear cut rule for surviving air travel but, the above tips can help you make the trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

A Guide for Exploring Offbeat Travel Destinations

Although some people fear traveling to off-beat destinations, they also provide more thrilling experiences.  If you are looking for a traveling adventure out of your comfort zone, off-beat destinations are always an incredible choice. There are lots of options across the world including Iran, Afghanistan, Cambodia, India, and China among others. In case you are planning for a trip to an offbeat destination, below is a guide to assist you in making the itinerary remarkable.

Get Acquainted With the Travel Destination

Unlike the well refined environments and landscapes in most popular travel destinations, navigating off-beat destinations can be quite challenging. Whether you will be touring a foreign city, natural scenery or landmarks, make sure you know as much as possible about the area in advance. Before the day of the trip, find out about the culture of the people, climate, attractions, accommodation facilities as well as things to avoid.

Find a Local Connection

Even with a better knowledge of the area, you should also find a local to help you move around without any fears. A local tour guide can help you find affordable accommodation, transport and things to do as well as offer advice on how to make the trip remarkable. You can either hire a tour guide or ask friends and family for any local connections that they may have at the destination. A local connection can provide the best layout of the land than even travel blogs.

Create a Back-Up Plan

One of the main things about visiting offbeat travel destinations is that you should always expect the unexpected. Besides preparing a detailed plan for the excursion, it is also advisable to be armed for any surprises. For instance, if you are planning rock climbing and find out upon arrival that the landscape is not safe, have an alternative activity in mind. Even in terms of hotels, make sure you have two or three options to choose from in advance. This will ensure that you can still have fun even if the initial plan fails.

Exploring offbeat travel destinations can be challenging but, having a proper knowledge of the destination, local connection and backup plan can easily make all the difference. Feel free to check out one of my favorite sites I use for travel bookings. Click Here.


Romantic Destinations in New York City for the Just-Married

If you are in love, the two of you can turn anything into a sweet romance. They are called sweet nothings. Discussing Homo Habilis, standing in the rain together, watching the heavy traffic, watching an airplane land or take off can all be romantic. But you have done all these, and now you long for a new experience. Again,  all these may not have given you the height of feeling New York City has to offer the lovebirds. The city provides a unique backdrop for your sweet, nonsensical talk and activities. Taking your New Marriage to New York will get the blood pumping into the right places.

New York City, right at the southern tip of the state of New York, was the first capital of the United States from 1789. It is the most populous in the United States, with about 20.3 million people

Try the following options for a new romantic experience:

2-Hour Day Sail to Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, a gift from France to the US in 1886, is an excellent view, especially for what it symbolizes. The two of you can take a Staten Island Ferry at sunset to enjoy the beautiful scenery about the harbor, Manhattan sky and finally the Statue of Liberty. Make sure you have with you jackets to keep warm. The trip is free only don’t tell anyone else. It’s a secret.

Central Park

The Central Park, stretching on over 800 acres in Uptown Manhattan, is the most romantic place in New York City. For the residents who find the confusion in the city unbearable, Central Park as the Oasis where rest, quiet and solace is guaranteed. You will find soft spots inside the park to enjoy a picnic with your just-married spouse. Once you have had your picnic, you and your beloved can take a private, relaxing carriage ride; a boat ride; skating; volleyball; or a visit to Belvedere Castle. There are beautiful fountains, a theatre where Shakespeare’s romance is staged, carousel and a zoo all of which will enrich your love experience.

Hudson River Park

With your just-married better-half, walking hand in hand along Hudson River Park could be the ultimate peak as far as romance goes. As far as solace goes, it offers an escape from the buzzing metropolis of New York City. You can also give your adrenaline reason to rush by trying rock climbing. You can also go bowling, rowing or study the historic vessels located at the site. What more can you want from life? There is much fun here than you deserve. Just when you thought it’s over, you realize there are apples to be picked by the two of you at the Hudson Valley. Apples! What more can you want from life, God? You gladly eat the apples as you move the apples from hand-to-mouth, you walk into a farm-to-table restaurant, where fresh farm produce is the thing, then into an outdoor art exhibit.

Helicopter Tour

It is not cheap, mind you, but for this special occasion, you and your loved one can go cloud seven or whichever cloud the lovebirds usually fly to, only this time it is lateral. While up in the clouds soaring the sky, take a bird’s view of the city’s landmarks, from the Statue of Liberty, United Nations headquarters, New York Harbour, Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island, the city’s skyscrapers like Woolworth Buildings to the down-to-earth Central Park.


With these timely tips, put down the old yoke and get into New York.