How to Identify the People to Trust when Traveling Alone

Trust is a major issue when traveling alone. You meet strangers everywhere and have trust issues with almost everybody you meet. But, it’s still possible to find and trust some people. The challenge that most solo travelers have is determining whether they can trust an individual. Here are tips to help you identify the people you can trust when traveling alone. 


The activity an individual is engaging in can help you determine whether you can trust them or not. The way a person does what they do can also tell you whether trusting them is safe or not. For instance, if a person has a yoga studio that attracts many people, it means they are specialists in that. So, if looking for a place where you can always go for yoga sessions at your travel destination, choose such a person. 


If you’re an outgoing person, it’s easy to talk a lot to almost everybody you meet. However, it’s wise to spend more time listening to the people you meet instead of talking. When you listen to other people, you learn about them more. This can help you draw the right conclusion about whether to trust them or not. 

Eye Contact

A trustworthy person maintains eye contact when talking to another person. But, this shouldn’t be the only reason to trust a person. Nevertheless, most untrustworthy people have a hard time maintaining eye contact because they are probably lying. 

Body Language 

A trustworthy person will engage you when talking. They listen, understand, and demonstrate. They use body language cues like smiling, nodding head, and maintain an open body posture when appropriate. Such body language should help you determine whether you can trust an individual. 


A trustworthy person won’t hide anything when talking to you. Their stories are believable and consistent. They speak with energy, specifics, and naturally. Consider such things to determine whether you can trust a person you meet when traveling.

No matter where you go, there will always be good and bad people. Try these tips to identify the individuals to trust when traveling. 

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