Activities for Toddlers on a Long Haul Flight

Children are generally playful and they will not stop just because you are on a trip together. Additionally, the temperature variations and being seated for several hours on long haul flights can easily make toddlers feel exhausted and bored. There are several activities for toddlers on long haul flights that can help with keeping your kids happy and occupied when travelling. Some of the best activities to consider for your toddlers include.

Wipe Off Cards

Wipe off cards are a great way to entertain kids who just started school while on flights. The cards come with pens and erasers so kids can re-use them over and over. Kids can draw, scribble or color the cards as they wish.

Travel Puzzles

Travel puzzles are also incredible for keeping your kids occupied and improving their brain functions. When buying travel puzzles, choose small sizes that will match the abilities of your kid. Since the pieces can be easily lost during travel, it is advisable to avoid those that are too expensive.

Water Painting

While this might seem like a messy activity to some parents, it is totally safe and can keep your kids happy in every flight. The water paints are contained in pens that the kids use to paint on paper. After the paper dries, the paints disappear and kids can start painting onto them again, making it quite economical.


Kids are usually fascinated by colors and carrying a coloring book when going on a trip can be a great way to ease the pressure of long haul flights for them. Most coloring books have multiple pages and crayons or colored pencils for the kids to use as they please when traveling.

Kids Tablet Games

In this age, kids tablet is an essential device for every child. One of its unique benefits is that it can store a wide range of games to entertain your kid throughout the trip. Besides, you can also easily download the games that you kid likes from the internet.

There are many other activities for toddlers that you can still add to the above list when on long haul flights. Nevertheless, choose activities that are interesting to your kids and also within their abilities.

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