A Guide for Traveling the World without Money

The urge to travel may come when you need more money. Does it mean that you cannot travel? While having no money may limit your travel experiences, you can still travel and enjoy the world. It calls for creativity, which is the inspiration behind this simple but practical guide.


Volunteering is among the best ways to travel the world without money. The idea is that you exchange your labor, knowledge, and skills for the travel experience. There are many volunteer opportunities for travelers, and you will be shocked to find somebody who might need your skill set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit.

House Sitting 

You can also look for families or individuals who need reliable house sitters as they travel. The family or individual may live in an area you have never been to, but it is a great travel destination. So, whether you use social networks to find such as house sitting opportunities or not, this is one way of getting free accommodation.

Working Online

Instead of worrying about having little or no money for your travel, why don’t you earn some money while traveling? Carry your laptop or smartphone and find freelance work online on sites such as Upwork and Fiver. You will get different kinds of work, such as article writing or graphic design, that can add some money to your travel budget.

Find Free Things

You will be surprised that many things are free of charge while traveling. For example, instead of buying expensive branded mineral water, you can use clean water for public use. And this may include going into a hotel and asking to refill your empty water bottle from the tap.

Take Away

Traveling for free requires creativity. Look around for opportunities, and you will find them. Once you’ve found the opportunity to travel without money, take the time to plan to make your trip successful. 

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