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There are a wide variety of ways to lose weight. One of the biggest trends in the digital age is mobile phones. Calling a mobile phone a trend, actually, is not quite enough to say it. Mobile phones have replaced many of the things that used to be everyday items.

They say “there’s an app for everything” and it’s true. When it comes to weight loss, there are many bajar de peso mobile phone apps that will help you to achieve your goals. If you are interested in burning fat, then you need to check out our latest mobile app. The Garcinia Cambogia weight loss app will help you to keep track of your calories and make sure that you exercise every day.

Exercise is a very important part of losing weight, so this app reminds you at the same time every day to go to the gym or do a workout at home. You can set up this feature to remind you at the same time every day, or however you like. It is fully customizable. You can leave off the weekends, or set it day by day. This weight loss app allows you to do it however you like.

Track Calories

Another neat feature is it allows you to track your calories. Many people are fascinated by the Fitbit which is something that tracks your activity throughout the day and your calories. This app automatically pulls nutritional information into the database of your most commonly eaten food on Weebly so you can just tap the food you ate and it will calculate the calories and macronutrients that you have just consumed. We are happy to unveil this new app and hope that you will check out the Garcinia Cambogia weight loss as soon!

Where To Find

This app, like many other weight-loss, or bajar de peso, apps are available in the iTunes Store for your Apple device or in the Google Play Store. Feel free to head over there download your weight loss app so that you can get started right away. We all want that amazing body for the beach this summer and it isn’t too late to start now. You can lose weight and como adelgazar very quickly if you are determined and disciplined with your diet and exercise. You can spend as little as 10 minutes a day or as much as one hour per day working to lose weight and your results will be a reflection of your efforts.

We encourage you to pursue a healthy lifestyle and that includes lots of lean meats and vegetables. Stay away from sugary foods like candies and sodas that have no nutritional value. Instead the best way como bajar de peso eat foods like chicken breast, whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and other healthy whole foods. By eating real food instead of sugary, processed foods you will begin to see the way to drop off the more quickly and went dieting and exercise alone. Garcinia Cambogia is also a useful supplement that can be taken to lose weight and has been found to be very useful and safe and dropping unwanted pounds. If you have any questions about this app or any other weight loss apps then feel free to fill out a contact form or leave us a comment below. Hope to hear from you soon.



Revolution is a one-stop shop where customers find an ever-growing catalogue of wireless services that they can purchase, access and use via their handsets. It is available to users on any UK network and can be accessed via a mobile handset or via Revolution’s online store. Mobile Content developers from around the world build all Revolution applications. This guarantees not only access for the developer community to an operator-based distribution channel, but also gives consumers access to a variety of services from the hottest creative minds in the developer space.

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About O2 Airwave


O2 Airwave is a secure digital radio network dedicated for the exclusive use of the UK’s emergency and public safety services. Designed to carry voice and data communications, the service offers guaranteed levels of coverage across England, Wales and Scotland. This means that users can stay in instant communication even in remote areas or within confined spaces of buildings and tunnels where radio coverage has often failed in the past.
O2 Airwave is part of HMG Critical National Infrastructure and is designed to stay working even during major incidents (like 9/11) when conventional mobile and fixed telephony networks may overload and fail. O2 Airwave is helping to build safer communities, delivering communication where and when it’s needed most.

In April 2005, O2 Airwave confirmed that it had completed it national network and now has over 100,000 end users using its service. This includes all police forces throughout England, Scotland and Wales, organisations with the armed forces, the Highways agency, the prison service, local authorities, CCTV operators, plus a host of other organisations. Furthermore, in July 2005, O2 Airwave announced that it had has been successful in its bid to provide a communications service to Ambulance Trusts in England. Similar national contracts are being pursued in Wales and Scotland for the Ambulance Trusts, as well as for a national Fire services contract. It is expected that awards of these contracts will be made by the end of 2005 by the appropriate authorities.

Further information about O2 Airwave can be found at:

The Airwave network

The Airwave service is based on the TETRA standard. TErrestrial Trunked RAdio (TETRA) is the modern digital Private Mobile Radio (PMR) and Public Access Mobile Radio (PAMR) technology for the emergency services and other professional radio communication users.
TETRA differs from public mobile radio systems such as GSM primarily in terms of faster call set-up, group calls, prioritisation of calls, enhanced security features and the possibility of direct calls from mobile station to mobile station without a connection via a base station (direct mode operation).

Further information on how the network works can be found at:

Demand for Data Services

As more and more customers are using the Airwave service, there is a growing demand for data applications that take advantage of the capabilities of the Airwave service. Within the police service, this demand has manifested itself with the introduction of both vehicle- and people-location based services as well as of a variety of mobile data services. An example of the latter is O2 Airwave’s Mobile Application Gateway (MAG) – a hosted, multi-bearer, mobile middleware platform that has the capability to connect to a variety of disparate local and national data sources, and provide aggregated information back to the end user, either through the use of a PDA, tablet PC or laptop-sized computer.
This is currently in use with Lancashire police, who have mobile access over a GPRS bearer using PDAs and over the Airwave bearer for laptop-sized computers (due to start August 2005). Both of these devices have access to:
* PNC (police national computer) – a national data source
* Missing From Homes database – a local data source
* My Tasks database – a local data source

*Garcinia Cambogia App

Toward the end of 2005, O2 Airwave will be announcing details of its MAG Developers Programme, which will grant to accredited application developers, the ability to develop applications that can be hosted on the MAG platform. Should you want to develop applications that are hosted in this environment and want further details on this programme in the interim, please contact Peter Carrasco, Alliances Manager.

O2 Xda

O2 Xda


Detailed specifications
One of the most powerful Windows Mobile based PDAs available, it’s a personal organiser and a GPRS mobile
all-in-one. With tri-band coverage for roaming to the
USA, a camera for taking pictures there and then, and Bluetooth for use with your laptop computer or Bluetooth headset, Xda II is a flexible and sleek device.
Everything you need to access the internet is already in place. No wires, no add-ons required. It’s so easy to use. No need to change your email address. Just put in your O2 SIM card, click and you are surfing.

69.9 (W) x 130 (L) x 19.8 (T) mm approx. 190g

Special features
Integrated personal digital organiser and mobile phone
Tri-band (GSM 900/1800/1900)
GPRS class B Multislot class 10
Built-in Bluetooth
Instant Message (IM), short (long) message (SMS) and multimedia message service (MMS)
Full internet browsing
VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels)
MPEG4 camcorder
MP3 media player
Speakerphone and voice recorder facility
Removable and chargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery, 1200 mAH
Key lock support by software
SIM Toolkit
Support for WAP 2.0 browser and xHTML
Handwriting recognition

Processor Type: Intel Xscale PXA263 400MHz
3.5″ Transflective 65,536 colour LCD (240 x 320 pixels)
VGA Camera
– Supports image formats JPG, BMP
– Supports video formats MPEG4, H.263, Motion-JPEG AVI
– CMOS Chip: VGA (640 x 480 pixels)
– Minimum scene illumination: 5 lux
– Frame rate: 15fps
Power on/off button
Volume up/down button (2way)
4 programmable buttons
2 phone buttons
5-way navigation button
Soft reset switch
One external antenna connector
One Back pack connector
One MMC & SD/IO slot
One Infrared Port
One Signal port for USB, serial, car kit, power and audio
Backpack for CF type II and VGA output and additional battery
Red/yellow/green LED for radio/charger indication on the RIGHT
Blue LED for Bluetooth indication on the LEFT

Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC, phone edition
Include Pocket Outlook, Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Window Media Player, Microsoft® Reader, ActiveSync®
Wireless modem for USB, serial, Bluetooth and IR
Photo caller ID
PPT viewer
PDF viewer
Camera capture utility
VGA Output utility
32 chords Polyphonic MIDI ringtone
Games – jawbreaker, solitaire

Software on Companion CD
Fonix Voicedial v2.0, for voice dialling function
ZIP Manager v1.11, for managing and creating ZIP archives
KSE Truefax v2.08 for Windows Mobile 2003 2nd Edition, for sending and receiving faxes

To find out more about the O2 Xda range check out the Xda microsite

Developer information

source O2 brings developers of mobile applications a One Stop Shop for all their development needs. Through work with our Partners we bring you the content required to develop your applications. We’re currently streamlining our services and website to enable greater focus on more recent market opportunities.

With the implementation of i-mode, we are going to be offering a far broader channel for more specialised mobile content and application delivery. The arrival of i-mode will enable our core developer partners an opportunity to participate in an enriched portal customer experience, and greater opportunity to benefit from the distribution this new, exciting channel brings.
Through the Revolution zone you are then able to submit, test and deploy your application within O2 for Como Bajar de Peso.


Contact us

If you have a developer specific query, contact us at info@sourceo2.com.
Only questions in regards to the source O2 Developer Programme will be answered from this address.

If your query is in regards to an O2 mobile phone please see http://www.o2.co.uk/contact?ref=++Go+++Contact for Customer Services contact details.



About source O2

source O2 has been designed to help you get your product to market with O2, as efficiently and effectively as possible. On the site you will find information about our technologies and networks, information on our events and workshops, developer news, and most importantly how to work with us to reach our 17.75 million customers.

source O2 aims to maintain O2’s leadership in mobile data and to provide end users with the most diverse set of wireless-aware applications, from those with popular appeal to those for niche markets.



A compelling, end to end internet service for mobile
– Easy to use, fast and simple
– Consistent end-to-end customer experience
– Range of compelling handsets
– Huge breadth and depth of tailored internet content
– Inclusion of more lifestyle content, in addition to entertainment
– First consumer friendly e-mail services on mobile Value for money

i-mode worldwide: evidence of success beyond Japan
Alliance: i-mode is expanding worldwide with partners in 22 countries
– Over 170 million potential i-mode
users worldwide
– Close to 50 million paying imode
subscribers globally
– Over 6,000 official sites and 90,000 independent sites worldwide
– Alliance synergies: exclusive, customized handsets, branding, rich content, sharing of best practices and joint initiatives
– Tangible evidence of ARPU uplift – between 4 and 9 euros per month
– Launched by 9 operators outside Japan, now almost 5 million customers
– Between 70%-80% of customers with an i-mode handset in Europe use the service

What is i-mode? Platform
– The i-mode platform is a proxy and a NAT
– The external servers see any request from an i-mode phone as originating from the i-mode gateway
– The i-mode gateway is in O2’s internal network
– No content is hosted on the platform
– All requests go through the platform
– The platform adds the UID upon request (HTTP GET or POST)
– The billing system and the portal are on the platform

Technical overview

Customer Proposition – Unique i-mode features
– Clear and transparent billing
– i-mail – just like internet email
– Quick download times
– Flash sites
– Advanced DoJa 2.5 Applications
– Strong security features enabling mobile banking and transactional sites
– High confidentiality for subscribers using UID
– Easy to use features such as click-to-call
– Instant access to i-mode via i button
– Works out-of-the box

Content Provider Proposition
– Partner Portal (Extranet) with frequent updates and ability to
– Register CP information and sites online
– Download latest tech docs and specification
– Upload of marketing assets online
– Simple and transparent billing and settlement with automated system enabling rapid settlement
– Regular technology workshops and access to information on latest technologies and O2 roadmap
– Early access to new devices
– Dedicated technical support consultant for each content provider
– Gold Partner Programme for Tier 1 Content Providers

Welcome Letter from Sourceo2

Welcome to the new look sourceO2!

We’ve streamlined our services and website to enable greater focus on more recent market opportunities.

With the implementation of i-mode, we are going to be offering a far broader channel for more specialised mobile content and application delivery. The arrival of i-mode will enable our core developer partners an opportunity to participate in an enriched portal customer experience, and greater opportunity to benefit from the distribution this new, exciting channel brings.

source O2 is the most mature third party developer programme of its kind to date, with strong industry awareness. The programme has led the way in being open in all its communications with developers, giving clear timelines on what will be delivered and giving direct access to relevant O2 information. Significantly, this programme has frequently provided additional face-to-face support through a series of very popular developer conferences and workshops.

While O2 builds it’s new i-mode services and developer interfaces,sourceO2 will continue to provide information on our range of products and services, but will be streamlining it’s interactive activities, while focusing on the core needs of our current developers through the continued delivery of specialised information and quarterly communications.

O2 looks forward to continuing its support of our very important content and application developer community, and, over time, our services and support will continue to grow.

the sourceO2 team.

Source O2 – The Place to Be To Lose Weight

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